New Directions

I find myself venturing into new territory with Pedestrian City, engaging a new demographic and exploring other possibilities to get involved with schools in Vancouver.  As my first foray into this new world, I’ll be presenting a memory mapping workshop at the student organized Plan-It Earth Youth Forum at Prince of Whales School.  The presentation will focus on active and sustainable transportation and routes to school, engaging students in a memory mapping exercise and encouraging them to present their maps to the group.

This will likely be my largest audience yet, and I’m both excited and nervous!


2 thoughts on “New Directions”

  1. Thanks for the link Alex. I am familiar with this project.
    Regarding workshops for the “broader (and older) public”, I’ve done a few of these over the last year and 1/2 and want to shift my focus for a while. I’ve only ever worked with adults on memory maps and am very excited to engage a completely different demographic. Of course if there are opportunities for workshops with the broader public, I will pursue them.

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