A Visual Narrative of Trinity Bellwoods

Trinity Bellwoods represents the beginnings of Pedestrian City.  The project began as an exercise in psychogeography to create a series of visual narratives of the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood in Toronto. The goal was to gain insight into the importance of aesthetics in public space and to understand what amenities are essential to the walkability of a neighbourhood. Discoveries and stories were shared, memory maps were drawn, and photographs were taken.

The maps show what people notice while walking and how their perception of a familiar neighbourhood can change when asked to look at it more closely.  It also presented an opportunity for people to critique the neighbourhood and begin to understand what contributes to the walkability of a city.

A neighbourhood transformed by gentrification, Trinity Bellwoods has become one of the most revered neighbourhoods in Toronto.   The nature of the public realm, with a varied mix of residential and retail uses, a number of boutique style shops, galleries and restaurants, and the presence of a well used urban park make this a very pedestrian-friendly area.  When looked at through the eyes of others, it contributes to an understanding of how this particular neighbourhood and others like it foster social interaction, contributing to a convivial urban environment.

Project Overview & Study Area