Urban Interventions

There’s been a lot of talk  lately about Urban Interventions – the Vancouver Design Nerds are planning a Nerd Jam on this topic in a couple of weeks!  There’s also an idea or two up my sleeve that I want to propose for collaboration between the Nerds, the Vancouver Public Space Network and Pedestrian City.

What are urban interventions?  They are a form of art that ranges from small, almost imperceptible transformations to large scale installations that temporarily alter a streetscape or public space.  Whether done in celebration, protest or critique, urban interventions present an opportunity to change a space, make a statement, and indirectly engage passersby to reconsider how we use public space and move through our neighbourhoods and cities.

The whimsical and unexpected can encourage social interactions between strangers, or simply bring a smile to someone’s face!  At the very least these interventions should make you consider the simpler things you may overlook regularly, awakening your perception and curiosity about the smaller details of your everyday experience.

tiny interventionsBIG interventionsInterventions of all sizes

And sometimes these things are purely coincidental!

Some of my favourite finds over the last few years: