Cambie Village Jane’s Walk

A narrow strip of land west of Little Mountain and east of Shaughnessy, South Cambie is one of the smallest neighbourhoods in Vancouver. With the construction of the Canada Line, Cambie Street went through a period of disruption and upheaval. In some areas enhanced sidewalks, landscaping, and street furniture were implemented as attempts to improve the pedestrian experience.

Part of the 2010 Jane’s Walks, “Cambie Village Corners” explored the streetscapes and alleys of the neighbourhood with a few key stops to highlight architectural and historical points of interest.  Introducing participants to the practice of psychogeography and encouraging them to engage of all their senses, the walk began and ended in Cambie Village, where they were invited to draw memory maps of the neighbourhood.

A stranger to what this neighbourhood looked like prior to the construction of the Canada Line, I was curious to explore it in its current state and hoped to have people familiar with it share stories.  While there was a couple who had lived in the neighbourhood for 20 years, they were more curious about my curiosity.